Jazz Worship Service

Jazz Worship Service

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Greetings Beloved,

Today is our 3rd Annual Jazz Worship Service. We celebrate and praise God for the internationally renowned ministry of today’s vocalist, Tecora Rogers and the melodic sax tones of my Pastor, Rev. Dr. Ozzie E. Smith Jr. We are in store for a true blessing from two anointed instruments of God.

Jazz music is mostly associated with smoke filled, dimly lit night clubs and lounges and therefore was deemed by many people as inappropriate for worship on Sunday morning. Duke Ellington performed “Sacred Concerts” in churches throughout the U.S. and Europe. Jazz was birthed from the gospel and blues genres. You will find many elements of jazz in our churches ever since our enslaved ancestors merged Christian hymns with West African rhythms.

In his book “Blue Note Preaching”, Pastor Otis Moss III says, “…Jazz is structured around the Blues. Blues is birthed from spirituals and work songs and call-and-response narrative in the church. Jazz is dangerous because it dares to create new composition while playing the old. Right in front of the people, something new is created. We call it improvisation, call and response, the Holy Spirit.” God uses whatever God chooses, to give Himself praise. Today, we choose to praise and worship God through the music, melodies, and rhythmic tunes of Jazz.

Maybe the senior Pastor of St. Albans Congregational Church in Queens, New York, Rev. Dr. Henry T. Simmons, was ahead of his time when he started the St. Albans’ monthly jazz communion service back in 2001. I believe Dr. Simmons’ goal was to preserve jazz and the discipline it demands as an example to young people. Today, we seek to reach more than an example to young people. We seek to honor God and invite God’s people to acknowledge that nothing is off limits when it comes to praising God.


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